Brandy Flip

We’re into November now; and it is starting to get pretty chilly outside.  Fall weather is certainly upon us, and Old Man Winter is waiting to decend.  What helps push back the cold weather?  Brandy.

For our house brandy I like to use Germain-Robin’s Fine Alambic Brandy.  It’s at similar price point to some of the bigger cognac brands’ VS or VSOP offerings out there, yet to me it offers much more flavor.  At times light and fruity, it also has a complexity and woodiness that can surprise you.  Made in Mendocino, California by a former Cognac producer now working in the style of Cognac though without the limitations and rules of that region, they’re able to produce pretty much whatever they want.  And we reap the benefits.

While I am perfectly happy sipping on a glass of the Fine, it also makes a heck of a cocktail.  With cold weather on its way the very simple, and very classic Brandy Flip is a great way to stay warm.

2 oz Germain Robin Fine Alambic Brandy, 2 heaping teaspoons powdered turbinado sugar, 1 whole egg.  Shaken hard and served with some grated nutmeg over the top.

Our Halloween pumpkin loves these.  Sadly, he may have had a few too many.

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